Assignment for Week 2 is to work on a creative application for switches and LED circuits.

Let’s do some test for switches first:


Then I wonder if I could make a interesting application with just switches and LED circuit.

Gestures are always good body language for human. Why not combine LED circuit with a certain gesture.

Let’s make a OK Glove!



I try to cut Coke bottle as the conductor of my glove, but it turns out that the conductivity of this aluminium bottle is poor. Therefore I have to find another materials for my switch at home. So I decided to use gasket and coins as conductors for my switch.


Wear my golve and test:


I try to add some changes for LEDs since I have been using Arduino to power the circuit.

Connected LEDs to pin 11,12,13 and uploaded program to flashing the light:

for (int i=11; i<=13; i++){
digitalWrite(i, HIGH);
delay( );
digitalWrite(i, LOW);
delay( ); }

At first I set the ‘t=t+5’  to slow down the flash frequency, and the result was not obvious. So I change ‘t’ as an increasing Fibonacci sequence, which result in effectively slowing effect. Finally, I just need a small input kit to reset ‘t’ every time the circuit is completed. (I used temperature sensor, the program will reset ‘t’ while the temperature data is error. It’s a kind of stupid but simple way to do this, maybe I can find a better solution later.)


Therefore, every time you posing a OK gesture, the LED will flash quickly and then slow down.

Here is the final effect:

————————-Update version!————————-

Let’s make a more beautiful and funny glove!



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