First assignment is to make an one-stringed instrument.

At first, I try to find some different kinds of materials with different amplifiers.



As an one string instrument, they can only produce one kind of pitch. By changing elasticity of length could change their pitch, but the problem is that they are too difficult to control.

Then I just thought maybe I could use a stick to change the pitch like a guitar. This is the back of my chair, I used a pen to change the pitch, and it worked.


Through moving the pen can easily change the pitch of sound.

So I decide to add a control bar for my Instrument.


It’s really hard to strain the rope between two nails, so I have to add two small piece of wood to make the rope more tight. Then I cut wood board into shape that suitable for hand.

Through this control bar, you can easily control the pitch and play some simple songs.


Marked “Do, Ri, Mi”


Here is the performance:


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