In our Applications class, every week a group of students get different missions to explore the different part of the New York City.

This week is my turn. The mission is to go to visit the Museum of Modern Art and share my favorite piece. I was so excited about this trip since I’m just planning to schedule a time to visit MoMA. I went their this Friday morning.

I went into the museum as many of other visitors. The museum looks gorgeous, no wonder it’s the most famous museum of NYC.

I saw many famous and excellent masterpieces here.


Luckily, the Picasso sculpture exhibition just coming these months.

Applications02 Applications03

My favorite piece is this:


Geprges Seurat is noted for his painting techniques known as chromoluminarism and pintaillism. When look closer, every point is a fancy and rational brushstroke. Quiet awesome!!!

This is the visit to the Museum of Modern Art. The experience is really wonderful!!!  And I’m sure that I will visit here many times in the future. Thanks to the experience designer – Chelsea.

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