Midterm paragraph:

I’m always interested in sound, though I’m bad at singing. Like a video looks kind of dull with any sound, life could be better with some interesting sound.

I want to build a machine that could generate a postcard with some beautiful sound record. In other word, I want to compress sound, like a talk or a song, into some kind of pattern and print in a postcard. Then the postcard should be read in some kind of way or a specific music player.

Therefore, in my midterm, I want to build a device that could read some special pattern and play the music. It may be an instrument which generate it’s own sound!!



For week2 assignment, I’m going to use pure data to sing a song. I want to program one of my favorite songs –  “温柔”.

First I check Midi reference to set Do, Re, Mi pitch. Then set 2 frequency for every syllable.

Used counter and select to control the syllable and allocate to every pitch one by on.


And here is the screen record:

Cooking with Sound- Week2 from Peiyu Luo on Vimeo.


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