In this week class, I’ve learnt PWM control and servo control. At first, I built a basic circuit connected my joystick and serve.


With serve, I could easily build a robot hand. So I decide to make a Useless Box and try to add some more interaction between box and people.


For the Useless Box, it could be combined with my small car, which I just assembled on weekend. So I need to cut a platform for servo and leave some space for the handle.


Next step is to cut a box to fit my little car. I have to say it’s really hard to measure the suitable size. And here comes the Box :


Then I try to use IF function to create different reaction of the box.

  if (digitalRead(8) >= 1000 && sign==0){
   sign=1;   //sign for next reaction

The problems is when I try to add some movement function into my program, the serve didn’t work.  It took me 1 hour to find the bug, and finally it turns out that the delay is too short to finish this action. After add delay up to 400ms, the problem solved. Obviously, I can feel a little detention now. But at least it worked now.

Here is the video:


One thought on “UseLess Box – Pcomp_Week4

  1. This is a great box. Is it entirely your own design, or was it based on previous useless boxes? Did you see the one Emmanuel did as well? What I like about it is that it has more than one behavior. This makes me want to spend more time with it, figure out what other behaviors it might have, and what happens when i combine the two that are already there.

    This is a very good post about the box as well. The only thing I would add is a drawing of the system, so that the reader gets an understanding of how it works other than in the video.

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