This week assignment is to build our own microphone!

Here is the LINK.

The picture below show the materials I prepared.


I try to use a wood stick instead of a straw, and used two washer to control the position.


It turned out that it didn’t work, even work with a better amplifier. Although I could listen to a little noise when I move the stick.  I thought the problems are:

  1. the wood stick are too heavy to oscillate.
  2. the cover (is made of 3mm acrylic) are too heavy to work as a diaphragm.
  3. the coil might not long enough to generate higher electricity.

In that case, I had to change the materials as the tutorial said.

I used cardboard as a cover and coil wires round a straw. It worked!


But it generate too much noise. Maybe I need to recoil the wires and borrow a filter to get rid of the noise.

The following video shows it amplified the vibration of my cellphone.


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