Assignment for this week is to build the Schmidt-Trigger oscillator.

According to the Book: Handmade Electronic Music, the core is the  the Schmidt-Trigger Integrated Circuit. I used 74HC14.) After read the datasheet, I found that I need to used 5V to power it. (rather than 9V for 74C14 in the book). So I used an Arduino to power the simple circuit.

I used 100k Ohm and 1uf capacitor in the circuit,  here is the basic circuit:


To test the sound, I use potentiometer rather than the resistor:

Then I’m trying to generate a more complex sound by using different capacitors and resistors:


——————————–Final Project——————————–

I’m not a good sound player, but I want to create a different interaction about sound.

For final project, I want to continue my midterm project and build a device that could read some patterns and play the music.

There would be two parts:

First part is a drawing machine. Users should sing a song, and then the machine could analyze the notes and translate them into some specific patterns and print them. Maybe I can control servo to drop watercolor or control a pen to draw the pattern.

Another part is a instrument machine. This machine could read special patterns and play the music.

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