For this week play testing, I’d like to know whether the interaction of my project is fun or not. And test their action after using my devices.

plan02I’m going to invite a volunter to sing a song. After analyze the pitches of the songs, I will use P5 to draw a pattern base on the melody. Then my tube instrument will start to play the song it just heard.



—————————————Plan for Final Project—————————————–

For final project, I want to build a device that could read some patterns and play the music.

There would be two parts:

First part is a drawing machine. Users should sing a song, then the machine could analyze the notes and translate them into some specific patterns and print them.

Another part is a Synthesizer. This machine could read special patterns and play the music in a interesting way.


As you can see, I might need two stepper motors and several servos for controlling the rotation of paper and movement of pen. (Or I might drop watercolor to draw the pattern if I could find a suitable sensor.)

To read patterns: (Depends on the way it draw the pattern)

  1. I might use several light sensors to sense black line on paper.
    • much more stable but it would restrict the pattern.
  2. I might use color sensor to sense color.
    • still not sure about the reading speed. Low speed may cause a big problem.
  3. I might use camera to analysis pattern.
    • still not sure if there’s any problem when reading so many dots at the same time. (Testing it now by using PIXY)


Time table:

before Nov.03

  • Idea generation and development.
  • Order chips and sensors I mi
    ght need.
  • Think about patterns.



  • Play testing.

Nov.05 – Nov.11

  • Design 3 patterns and try to read the pattern by the ways I just mentioned.
  • Test Pixy.
  • Test Teency.
  • Test color sensor.
  • Test light sensor when place it under paper.

Nov.12 – Nov.20

  • Combine devices and fix bugs.
  • Design the synthesizer of the machine.
  • Decide how many button I need.
  • Need screen or not.
  • Industrial design.

Nov. 21 – Nov.29

  • Design and try to finish the fabrication things.

Nov.30 – Dec. 02

  • User testing and fix bugs.

Dec. 09 –

  • Final presentation.


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