In last week play testing, I got a lot of nice feedbacks!

Here is what I tested myself before playtest with my classmates:

Looks it works not accuracy with my voice. But this might because I am a really bad singer. In playtesting, it works really well with girls’ voice.

My test has two versions, first is what you see: user sing or speak something, and my machine would draw the pattern and after click, it will play would your sing or speak based on your sound’s pitch.

Another version is the instrument will play at the same time when it sense your pitch in a certain range.

And the pattern looks really beautiful when people sing a songs accurately. (Sorry I cracked my cellphone and lose all the photo in class)

And here is what I get:

  • People can’t actually hear what it play when my instrument play at the same time.
  • People don’t like the screen as I expected.
  • Physical instrument may looks more interesting than digital voice.

After that, I think this machine could be a kind of emotion detection machine: when it record your conversation, it filter out what you said and leave the pitches. So maybe you can listen the pitch and rhythm of your conversation.

——————————–Physical Parts———————————-

For my drawing machine, I haven’t decided the way to draw the dots.


  • I could use dropping pipette to draw the dots: (a set of glass pipette with colorful liquid inside will be really cool)
    • A rotation base.
    • Fixed 15 pipettes and 1 or 3 moveable solenoid to control. (A little bit hart to control and the speed is low);finalGif02
    • Using solenoid to hit the pipettes.(But if you want same volume of water to drop, the pressure you need is a little bit different because the different water level.)finalGif01finalGif03
  • I could use a pen to draw the dots:
    • A rotation base.
    • A stepper motor to control pen and a servo to control pen up and down. ( If I want different color, I need a lot of servos to control the pen up and down.)


Make a simple frame for dropping pipette to find out the best size of my drawing machine.


New problem come out: if I use servo push too hard, the liquid will run out quickly.


This one still not working because the metal plate is bending when servo hit the pipette.

For reading the pattern, I’ve tried photo resistor to read the shadow of my pattern:

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