It is a game, the aim of the game is really simple, keep the character alive!

The character is a very lonely boy with dumb brain and brave spirit. In his mind, keep walking is the only thing to do. However, the boy will run into various dangerous situations since it is an extremely treacherous world outside, the unexpected weather, seeming gentle plants and fierce animal. Technically, he will confront several unnatural accidents and what you need to do is helping the brave boy alive.

So, here start the boy’s journey. He runs into a coconut tree, cool!


Then, the coconut falls down and hit him to dead. So, you need to help the boy hit the coconut down before he comes to the tree.


After walking cross the tree, he counters another tree. There is also a thing looks like the coconut on the tree. Be careful! It is a hornet’s nest, if you hit it the hornets family will be angry and millions will swarm out and sting the boy to death.


Well, it is a cold world,things like we described above gonna happen over and over. The boy may get electric shock or acid rain corrosion or any other accidents in the future. Be with him and help him overcome this dark and cold world.


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