Born in 1992, grown up with computer, my life cannot live without cellphone. I got my first smart phone when I was 16 years old. It’s Nokia N81, the most popular model at that time, and it could install many applications such as MP3 player, instant message software, e-book reader, file manager.  And the N-gage games have became my most important game platform at that time, although the category it relatively limited. Yes I cracked my phone and started using it as computer and installing many interesting apps. I played tricks on my classmates by generating fake messages, I read news and articles on my phone. At that time, cellphone came into my life.


The relationship of me and my phone should be symbiosis. I have to say that cellphone changed my life. The ease of use that a smartphone provides helps me get involved in the global network and obtain more information. Let alone the variety of functions nowadays it offer. I always prefer to read e-book rather than real book because I’m more used to look at screen.

However, here comes many problems. I feel unsafe without a my phone: I worried about the messages I might missed although most of them are unimportant. I worried that I might get lost although I always have a good sense of direction. I can’t just stay alone and do nothing.

Yeah, I’m always connected.



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