Feedly is a newsfeed app and it’s the best reader app I’ve found after Google Reader announced to be discontinued. After many updates, the Feedly’s user experience become really friendly and efficiently.


Clear and easy organized menu, personal categories, easy access to popular media,  feedly now has become really nice. Feedly gathers the news I want to read and reminds me to read. So I don’t need to use browser to open every website and blogs to read.

More importantly, a good compatibility for Chinese. A good-formatting interface is an vital element of it:


What I like most is the scroll down page. When you slide down, it will actually change the whole page, which is really save your life and improve efficiency. Scrolling down the page means I already read the title and want to skip them, thus change a page is the best solution here. But as an app, sliding up and down is the most comfortable movement. As you can see here, the animation makes you understand your movement change the page and give you an explicit feedback:


In a nut shell, a time-saving app with good user experience in every details contributes to it’s success.