Some photo filter make photos look happy, and some make photos look sad. But photo filter conceals our feeling, some people’s photo gallery always express same feeling. I’m going to design an photo filter App which could generate photo filter automatically. With this app, the photo you take would get an filter automatically base on your feeling.

To make this function come true, when people take photo, our app would analyze user’s face expression, recently tweets or Facebook posts, and heart beats if possible. After analyzing user’s emotion, this app would generate a filter that could represent his/her feeling now.

Here’s some basic wireframe:

  • Home page should be user’s photo gallery.
  • Some green or red frame to shows user face information statues.


  • Small photo preview could easily represent user’s feeling base on timeline.


To generate the filter, I need to:

  • Get today’s tweets/ Facebook posts
  • Words with photo
  • Weather info
  • Face recognize through your phone’s front camera



Sentence analyze:

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