This course is to build project using OpenBCI bio-sensing tool.

Assembling openBCI kit:


and photo:


The openBCI board with this helmet we build could be used to detect EEG data. With the open source code in Processing, it’s easy to get my brain signal, though it’s unstable because this helmet not really fit my head.


Considering EEG data’s poor spatial resolution, user cannot move let along shake head when he wear this helmet. This means right now when we use it, it works like several button we could control without moving.

Here is a small singing man that connected with OpenBCI. The box man is controlled by eye blink:


Here we capture muscle electricity to detect eye blink. But my left eye just lose connection due to the inappropriate size of the helmet. But I could still control the box (see the screen) because when my left eye blink hard enough, the muscle generate electricity trigger my left eye sensor.

Thus, next step we might need to disassemble this helmet and stick the sensor directly on head.

And, looks like people like my box men, I’m going to build a chorus which controlled by meditation. They would all start singing when people are detected concentrating on them, and stop singing when people are distraction.



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