I’m going to design an photo filter App which could generate photo filter automatically.

I believe different kind of hue and light could convey different emotions. As you can see from the following pictures, different filters make this photo looks totally different.




For midterm, I’m about to export an app that could present my basic idea. This app should be able to:

  1. capture user face and analysis user’s emotion.
  2. Analysis text that write down with photo.
  3. Generate a filter with this photo.


For face tracking, I plan to use Clmtrackr. Haven’t tested on my phone. Here is I try this library in P5:



For text analysis:

I found this json file which could analysis emotion from words:


Here is a simple what I write, this will output the keywords that might represent some kind of emotion:


For photo filter:

I have try html SVG-filter, but it turns out that this only works on chrome.



Next step I will try CamanJS to filter my photo.

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