Feeling Filter is a photo filter App which could generate photo filter base on your feeling now.

Some photo filter make photos look happy, and some make photos look sad. But nowadays photo filter apps conceals our feeling, some people’s photo gallery always express same feeling. But using my app, you couldn’t change filter yourself, you will get a filter automatically base on your feeling.

As you can see from the following pictures, different filter could express different feeling:




Human emotion is always unpredictable, but within enough data I get, I could basically guess their feeling in general:

  • Face expression
  • Social Media Post
  • Weather
  • Hot Event

Face expression:

For face tracking, I plan to use Clmtrackr:


Here I track face expression to adjust filter value.

Social Media Post:

User’s post on Twitter or Facebook would also express emotion. For text analysis, I found this json file which could analysis emotion from words:


Here is a simple what I write, this will output the keywords that might represent some kind of emotion:

For photo filter:




  • Home page should be user’s photo gallery.
  • Some green or red frame to shows user face information statues.



What’s next?

  • Optimizing code.
  • Access Twitter, Facebook api.
  • Design and define filters.
  • Create photo gallery.
  • Might need to upload face image to server or optimizing the library



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