Penguin Run is a running game that user should control a penguin running as far as possible. In game scene, their should be many foods that he can choose to eat or not.

Basic mechanism:
Arcade-0402The penguin would gain weight after eat food, and lose weight after shitting.


However, different weight means different jump ability and different friction coefficient.

Interface Design:

For this 2D game, I prefer to use flat style scene, and draw two mountain that can appear alternately.


Next step is to draw sprite sheet of my penguin (the movement right now is not good, I might draw more frame later):


Create game scene in Unity:


Here I’m using carrot just because it’s color make the scene looks more comfortable. Then script the penguin to make sure it can only jump once and have friction with ground by using rigidbody2d.velocity to control it. As you can see here, by changing attribute of gravity scale, I could easily change the jumping height, as well as the friction.




First I print a paper to make sure that my controller size could fit my hand, then laser cut acrylic:


I used four screw to fix it because that Arduino Leonardo isn’t mine.





CLICK HERE TO PLAY (not supporting Chrome, try Safari, Firefox or other browser you have)

Next step,

Add pressures

Add sound effects

Add motion graphic

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