This project is about brain wave controlling. In this class we studied the the basic three kinds of body electric signals, electrical brain activity (EEG), muscle activity (EMG) and the heart rate (EKG). The main tool we used is the Open BCI device which can capture your brain wave and transfer and process the data.


During the brainstorming period, we thought that minding and thinking is silent and private. We wanted to make the braining activities to be lively so we considered to control an adorable chorus by using the brain signals. It feels like the brain is singing and make people to have an intuitive feeling of braining activities!

Basically, the project was decided into two parts, the braining signal processing and the physical instrument fabrication. During the prototype period, we used the cardboard to build the big eye, adorable choir members.


In order to make them more vivid, each of the choir member has a flexible month that can open and close to simulate the singing processes.


We decided to use eyes blinking as the trigger to control the month movement since the movements of month open and close seems reasonable and coordinate with the eye blinking. Eye blinking will trigger the immediate fluctuations on EEG and EMG signals.

So taking advantage of the signal obvious changing, we used Open BCI board to grab the brain wave signals and the GUI in Processing to visualize and filter the EEG signals and convert them to simple output and transfer the output to control the physical devices by using the Arduino serial communication.

Wanted to make the chorus cooperated more reasonable with the braining control, we added one more signal, the meditation, as the third trigger to control the chorus.  When people are in the mediation state, there will occur a significant fluctuation on the alpha wave.


We especially detected the changes on alpha wave and summarize the pattern into readable output to the physical devices.

So the more foucs state you are in, the stronger signal you will send to the chorus device and result more choir members to sing! It is so adorable and we love our project so much!


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