Feeling Filter is a photo filter App which could generate photo filter base on your feeling now.

Some photo filter make photos look happy, and some make photos look sad. But nowadays photo filter apps conceals our feeling, some people’s photo gallery always express same feeling. But using my app, you couldn’t change filter yourself, you will get a filter automatically base on your feeling.

Here is the new user interface:

Due to technical problems, I need 3~5 second to calculating the filter, so I need a fake progress bar to kill the waiting time. Once you got the filtered photo, you can choose save to album, share to social media or delete it.


The album tag will show people’s emotion photo gallery, and it has different display options.


Thought this monthly view, you will find out what you were feeling this month.

Heart beat and body temperature would be really helpful attributes for my filter. I might build a cellphone shell with sensors to get more data!


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