I received thousands of emails every month. For my final, I gather my NYU email data and visualize them. Now I can see how much emails I received every hour in a day.



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First step is to gather my email data. By using gmail python api, I could easily access all my emails and collecting the info I want. Here is a python library.

I realized I got around 1400+ emails last month,  so I gather all the time information from 04-01-16 until now. And just save as txt file in the following format:

2016-04-01 00:38:13
2016-04-01 00:44:23
2016-04-01 00:54:43
2016-04-01 09:16:57
2016-04-01 09:24:00

And then find a day and counts them by hour, and use d3.js to visualize it.

Here is the code:



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