I always want to build my own home smart home devices so I can collect and analyse my personal data. For instance, if I install enough sensor in my home, I could know how much time I spend on sleeping, working, cooking or eating. Recently I bought some ESP8266 wifi chip, which is cheap and easy to use.


But the problem is I cannot assemble and power many Arduino inside my apartment at the same time. I live in a one bedroom apartment, I could start with a PIR sensor, so I would know how much time I spend in the bedroom, how much time I spend in the kitchen or how much time I sit on my working table.


I’m using PIR module right now, but I would switch to other sensors. Ultrasonic distance sensor might works better, but it’s too big. IR distance sensor might be a better choice.


I haven’t built the socket server, wireless function still not working. And I might need too add a LED light to indicate it’s working statues. Here is the connections:


For next steps, I need to figure out the power consumption and determine what kind of battery I need.

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