This is a tool to help people improving their spatial sense. (Still working on it)

Spatial skills predict a young person’s achievement in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. They are crucial for the architect, sculptor, and surgeon. But they get relatively little attention at school. So I want to help people getting a better sense of 3d space

How to train people spatial skills?

Toy bricks, Making physical 3d models, sketches, maybe Legos. But nowadays, with VR, we could use 3D painting.  Google Tilt Brush is an amazing tools that people could draw in 3D space, a lot of artists have drawn some amazing scene.


But, this is what most people achieve:


Practice makes perfect, but with some guidance and reference, people would learn this skills faster and better.


To make it more interesting, I put this in a game scene and add some story about it.




For more VR experiment, Click here

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