I live in an one-bedroom apartment – small and full of my tech toys. I’m a lazy person but I love keep my house clean, that’s why I need a hand held vacuum. After I threw away my cheap and weak vacuum, I bought Dyson V6 Fluffy Cord-free Vacuum.

This is a great product, compact and very lightweight. I believe they spend a lot of time to find the balance between weight and service time. The red and blue scheme not only make this looks nice, but also great guidance of all the assemble or disassemble funcitions. Even thought the battery power is only last up to about 20 min, it’s good enough for my little apartment.

What really impress me is the set of specialized cleaning tools. The fluffy head is really surprise me for it’s cleaning effect. I guess it’s because the super powerful wind drive the fluffy head vibration, so it’s like I just mod the floor.

Good cleaning performance is about their technology, good feedback really bring additional values. When I use mini motorized tool to clean my mattress, the transparent dust bin really increase my sense of accomplishment for cleaning.

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