The two main function are motion tracking and haptic feedback.

For motion tracking, I test:



This 6 DOF gyro+ accel is not stable and the gyro would shift very fast, which means it will lose it’s orientation in a short time. This might be the reason why most tracking devices choose 9DOF IMUs.


It’s a 9 Degree of freedom gyro + accel + compass. It offers much more stable outcome.

Right now I only got the raw data of this sensor. By applying a Kalman filter algorithm or complementary filter this IMU would provide more accurate data.

Flex sensor:

I could use this to track gestures.

Air pump:

I used a 12v air pump to test and it do offer some pressure┬áto my finger. But this motor would vibrate while it’s working, if I need to used this method, I have to figure out a way to place this pump.


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