Haptic suit experience

Last week I went to SXSW and get a chance to experience haptic suit with 3d glasses. This suit provides vibration feedback and I have to admit that while I focused on the game, the vibration feedback is good enough to […]

Detourning The Web

Scrape From Instagram

I try to scrape images from my Instagram and manipulate them with Pillow. Following this tutorial I could easily generate an image like this: Basically what this code is calculating RGB pixel by pixel.  (sin(pi x), cos(pi xy), sin(pi y)) Then I try […]


Research – Existing Projects

16 families of Haptic Feedback: TeslaSuit: The Teslasuit is built around neuromuscular stimulation, where the conductive smart fabric delivers tiny mild electric pulses to various part of the body. Simulation: vary from wind or rain sensations to shots and touches NullSpace:  […]



The two main function are motion tracking and haptic feedback. For motion tracking, I test: IMUs: mpu6250: This 6 DOF gyro+ accel is not stable and the gyro would shift very fast, which means it will lose it’s orientation in […]

- Computational Media


This week I made a bookmarklet that will block all the links in a page and change text while you click on them. MessyPage How to use? Drag the link into your bookmark’s bar.

Detourning The Web

Grabing text from TechCrunch

This week’s assignment is to grab text from a page. So I try to grab all the title of TechCrunch : I open the page and find all the news titles are under h2 tag,  so the CSS selector would […]


A Product I Love

I live in an one-bedroom apartment – small and full of my tech toys. I’m a lazy person but I love keep my house clean, that’s why I need a hand held vacuum. After I threw away my cheap and […]

- Physical Computing

Smart Fabric Experiment

Turn leather into touchpad by using conductive thread.   In this fabric, I sewed conductive thread on it. It’s hardly to see it, but finger can sense it. And I put vibrater under it, so every time it sense touch, […]

DIY VR, vr

Training your spacial skills in Vive

This is a tool to help people improving their spatial sense. (Still working on it) Spatial skills predict a young person’s achievement in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. They are crucial for the architect, sculptor, and surgeon. But they get relatively little […]

PCB fabrication


The other day, I want to build my own personal data collecting system and use this data automatically control my devices. Started with testing wireless modules. At first I tried WiFi module ESP8266, for it’s cheap and low power consumption […]

DIY VR, vr

Crazy Carrot in Vive

This project I try to use ray caster to interact with the scene. Started with building my farm land, I found some prefabs in unity store and make this scene: Then I added a white piont in the view for […]

Understanding Network

Packet Analysis

I was using Wireshark to capture packet on my home network, I got an Macbook Pro capturing those 1658 packets, an PC running and playing youtube, an iPhone open browser and randomly click something, an iPad and an Macbook sleeping. It’s […]

DIY VR, vr

Tunnel in cardboard

Last week I built this scene by duplicating cubes. But this week I want to add some interaction into my scene. I write some javascript to generate the cubes automatically, so I can control every cube’s movement.

PCB fabrication

IR-Remote PCB

This is the first time I try to make a PCB. First step is making a solder-stencil on the laser cutter: Spreading solder paste, and fix with pin: Place components with SMD vacuum: Step 4 is reflow with heat-gun, and […]