Feedly – an impressive App

Feedly is a newsfeed app and it’s the best reader app I’ve found after Google Reader announced to be discontinued. After many updates, the Feedly’s user experience become really friendly and efficiently. Clear and easy organized menu, personal categories, easy access […]

- Arcade

Mars – Arcade First Week

This week assignment is to recreate a static scene from a film in Unity3D, I decided to build a scene of Mars. First is to watch tutorials of Unity to get a better understanding of it. Roll A Ball Game – Click […]


Relationship to My Phone

Born in 1992, grown up with computer, my life cannot live without cellphone. I got my first smart phone when I was 16 years old. It’s Nokia N81, the most popular model at that time, and it could install many […]

- Physical Computing

Winter Show Doc

Moolody is a recorder player that could translate human sounds into abstract music. There are two parts: First part is a drawing machine. Users should sing a song, then the machine could analyze the notes and translate them into some specific patterns and […]

- Computational Media

BrainLess Alive – ICM Final

Brainless alive Wanna play?      press me!!!!  (recommended to use tablet) Description It is a game, a game that you should help Mr.Brainless to survive in the horrible and horrible world. Visual  Basically, the visual part consists of several images. […]

- Physical Computing

Pcomp Final Update

Testing stepper with belt: Combine with servo: This is unstable, the servo needs a strong frame to fix it.   Turntable experiment: Installing photo resistor: Combine stepper & photo resistor and test the turntable:    

- Computational Media


For this week assignment, I used external video- camera to draw sketch. I decide to use clmtrackr library to draw face, here is some inspiration picture: I want to use multi-lines to draw the sketch: Click Here to Play (Need to […]

- Computational Media

Pcomp Final Plan

For this week play testing, I’d like to know whether the interaction of my project is fun or not. And test their action after using my devices. I’m going to invite a volunter to sing a song. After analyze the […]

- Cooking with Sound

Schmidt-Trigger Oscillator Experiment

Assignment for this week is to build the Schmidt-Trigger oscillator. According to the Book: Handmade Electronic Music, the core is the  the Schmidt-Trigger Integrated Circuit. I used 74HC14.) After read the datasheet, I found that I need to used 5V to […]

- Computational Media


This week’s assignment is going to draw a sketch that use external API. I used weather data and inspired by a graphic design: Here is the sketch: Enter a city name, and the wind speed would influence the rotation speed […]

- Physical Computing

Running Mike Controller

This week labs is to make a serial application that controls one of the animation projects. Since I’ve already have my game running Mike. I’m going to design a controller for it and add some button for special functions. For yellow […]