DIY VR, vr

Training your spacial skills in Vive

This is a tool to help people improving their spatial sense. (Still working on it) Spatial skills predict a young person’s achievement in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. They are crucial for the architect, sculptor, and surgeon. But they get relatively little […]

DIY VR, vr

Crazy Carrot in Vive

This project I try to use ray caster to interact with the scene. Started with building my farm land, I found some prefabs in unity store and make this scene: Then I added a white piont in the view for […]

DIY VR, vr

Tunnel in cardboard

Last week I built this scene by duplicating cubes. But this week I want to add some interaction into my scene. I write some javascript to generate the cubes automatically, so I can control every cube’s movement.


Web-vr experiment

This is an experiment in web-vr by editing equirectangular 360 video, I got two of me in the same scene. (Chrome or Firefox only, click here to open in full screen) Following is adding some objects in vr scene: