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Hi, this is Peiyu Luo

MR Buy

Mixed reality experience / HoloLens
MR Buy is mixed reality shopping experience of Taobao.

Chakr Gloves

VR gloves / Internet of things / Wearables
Chakr Gloves is a pair of gloves providing haptic feedback and gesture recognizing functions, which help people gain a better experience interact with the virtual environment.


AR Game / Arduino / Tango
Monster run is a game that combines actual remote control car game with virtual video game. It was the winner of the first phase of Google Project Tango contest.

Feeling Filter

Emotion / Phonegap App / Face Recognition
Interactive filter-making application, which can automatically generate a filter based on your feelings.

Once A Thief

VR / Unity / Game
VR is a great tool that can put normal people in a scene that they can never experience in their life. This is a VR game that people can play as a great thief to steal a big diamond in laser field.

Street Hero

Big Screen / Unity / Interactive Game
This is a multiplayer interactive game that hundreds of people can engage in simultaneously using mobile phones.


Emotion / Arduino / Music / Pure Data
It is always easy to forget what you have said in a conversation, but you always remember the feeling, you remember you were happy, excited or sad. With Moolody, you can play your conversation into abstract music!

Aerys - Tab Manager for Chrome

UX / Chrome Extensions / Javascript
Open too many tabs in your browser? Don't worry, let Aerys II Targaryen, also called the Mad King, help you burn them all!.


VR / Unity / Game
This is a multiplayer virtual reality board game. We bring players into a same scene and play a VR board game together.

VR: Spatial Sense Training

VR / Unity / 3D Painting / Education
This is a tool to help people improving their spatial sense.

PCB Fabrication

PCB / Othermill / Eagle / Physical Computing
Homemade microcontroller board with RFM69 radio chips and ATmega328. This is one node of my home IOT networks.


Game Deisng / Unity
This is a running game created by Unity and inpired by penguin for they always easy to fall down.


ID / Research
This is a collaborative business project of Haier smart thermostat. It’s a system design for haier central AC control and future smart home platform.

Computational Media

Digital / Face track / Emotion detection / Javascript / Open data
This is computational media projects code in javascript, including d3js, p5js, underscorejs

Tube Instrument

Arduino / Music / Sound experiment
A percussion instrument that controlled by Arduino.

Lego System

Service Design / System Design / Lego
It is a service design for Lego company. We designed product to enhance communication between Lego designers and children.


Service Design
This project is to increase the sale of pot plants in supermarkets.

Pen Design

Service Design / Stationary design
Bring ideas to life. This pen is hand made by ebony with highly polished finish.


BoardGame Design / Research
This is a boardgame design project that focuses on the playful human being and the nature of play.


Research / Industrial Design/
It is a washing machine design project for Whirlpoop Shanghai. In this project, we spend most time in doing research and create a truly new and awesome washing experience.